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Apr 4, 2018
Seventy-five kilowatt-hours per day is a lot of electricity for a single-family home.

Solar Energy Potential

You do not need advanced math skills to follow and perform the arithmetic examples shown below. Anyone who can balance a checkbook or calculate the total square feet of floor space in his or her home, and understand why an area measuring 10 yards by 10 yards equals 100 square yards, can perform the following arithmetic examples and prove that American energy independence could be achieved with solar energy alone.

Sep 27, 2017
The deep Switchgrass root system could store tons of atmospheric carbon – removing the cause of global warming.


The Biofuels Feedstock Development Program (BFDP) at DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), has assembled a team of scientists ranging from economists and energy analysts to plant physiologists and geneticists to lay the groundwork for this new source of renewable energy. Included are researchers at universities, other national laboratories, and agricultural research stations around the nation.

Jul 26, 2017
As a matter of National Security, the USA needs multi-use refineries that are designed to accept and process multiple types of feedstock.

21st Century Hydrocarbon Refinery

When crude oil is selling above $50 per barrel, synthetic fuels made from coal or other non-petroleum sources of hydrocarbon molecules become economically competitive — but only if refineries have the technology to “refine” unconventional hydrocarbons and biomass, in addition to petroleum.

Apr 20, 2016
The widespread availability of cheap mechanical power unleashed the industrial revolution, altering the course of human history.

America’s Hydrocarbon Wealth

The widespread availability of cheap mechanical power unleashed the industrial revolution, altering the course of human history. Modern civilization began with the industrial revolution and will continue its advance until all nations have the technology and standard of living that defines the modern world. Global communication and modern transportation systems have changed the geo-economic relationships between nations — modern technology has overcome the great distances and naturally isolated geographical locations that have historically separated the peoples of the world. 19th-centu…

Mar 1, 2016
Cellulosic ethanol is made from the stems, leaves, stalks, and trunks of plants, none of which is used for human food production.

Cellulosic Ethanol

As more and more corn grain is diverted to make ethanol, some groups have become concerned about food shortages. Dr. Bruce Dale, Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES) chemical engineering and materials science researcher, has used life cycle analysis tools, which include agricultural data and computer modeling, to study the sustainability of producing biofuels – fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel that are made from renewable resources.

Feb 7, 2016
Because of modern technology, all biomass (plants and trees) is a source of sugar and energy.

Energy Crops

All plants, including trees and grasses, are made of carbohydrates, combined with lignin and a small percentage of oils and proteins (although some plants and vegetables are known for their high percentage of oil or protein, they are the exception).

Feb 6, 2016
Henry Waxman’s influence, through Section 526 of the Energy Bill, will block U.S. progress toward energy independence similar to Ronald Reagan’s opposition to synthetic fuels.

Synthetic Fuels

The USA possesses the world’s largest reserves of “unconventional” oil — coal, and oil shale — estimated to be the equivalent of 1 trillion barrels of oil or more. One trillion barrels of synthetic fuels produced from American coal and oil shale could supply the U.S. with an additional 15 million barrels of oil per day for the next 180 years. Future technology could double or triple that amount. Why, then, is the USA exporting its wealth to foreign countries instead of using the money to develop synthetic fuels from American coal and shale? Why are U.S. citizens allowing it?